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Spiritual Considerations

Supplied by David Sardegna, St Joseph’s Hospital. Eureka Ca

Spiritual Distress

(the existential crisis)., refers to a person's “impaired ability to experience and integrate meaning and purpose in life through connectedness with self, other, art, music, literature, nature, and/or power greater than oneself.”

-Betty Ferrell and Christina Puchalski in their book Making Health Care Whole.

Something to think and pray about this week

Inner and Outer Sensing

Most people want to live life to the full, but how do you go about that? One way is through a heightened use of our senses. Becoming consciously aware of what each sense has to offer can greatly enrich daily living. This ‘way’ calls for pausing, maybe just for a second, on the use of a particular sense. Senses can be aroused randomly, for example by an unexpected sound, smell or touch. If the stimulus is attractive, or even repulsive, give it a few seconds of your attention. The experience of a particular sense might evoke memories, something entirely new or simply be valued for what it is offering you in a particular moment of time. Our senses can also alert us to something significant in our life – maybe arouse feelings of joy or alternatively of sadness. Our senses can ‘speak’ to us of many things through their ability to bring to our attention a large variety of reactions such as: surprise, delight, challenge, sadness and fear.

From Spirituality and the Senses: Living Life to the Full by Catherine McCann (pp. 16-17)


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