Empowering those in need from ground up

We, at The Sarah Carson House, are dedicated to providing a service to the community that empowers individuals in establishing strong foundations. We help people and their families by making accessible effective tools, through which they can step back into the folds of the system and improve their lives. Flexible, dynamic, and overseen by leaders with decades of professional experience, our non profit work is focused on areas of care and resource distribution.

Palliative care

Some research has shown that terminally ill people who get palliative care have increased chances of recovery and a shot at a better quality of life. This type of care service work alongside medical professionals to alleviate the patient’s treatment symptoms. Highly flexible, palliative care may be different for every patient depending on the progression of the disease.

At The Sarah Carson House, we continually strive to improve the quality of life of our homeless, terminally ill patients. Involving a variety of care services, these programs may be geared towards managing the pain and symptoms of fatally ill homeless people depending on case to case requirement; moreover, these services are always provided in collaboration with other local organizations. All programs are rolled out according to palliative care best practices for a dignified recovery.

End of Life care

Driven by the belief that everyone deserves to pass away with dignity, we offer a space to people nearing the end of their life with nowhere to go. We also administer programs, in cooperation with other community organizations, directed towards improving the physical and mental well being of our guests so that they may spend the remainder of their days in peace.

Grief support

Empathetic towards the plight of people and families touched by terminal diseases, The Sarah Carson House also offers grief support. Witnessing your loved one in a critical condition is very stressful and can have a lasting impact. Similarly, survivors of illnesses such as cancer usually have a changed outlook on life and may require grief support to find new meaning.

Our grief support groups bring together people who lack adequate support systems and social connections to get back on their feet. From counseling to connecting you with individuals going through a similar phase in life, our goal is to empower people at this critical juncture of life.

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Spiritual support

The trauma of a fatal disease often results in emotional and spiritual despair. Working alongside mental health professionals, we also offer spiritual support to those seeking a new meaning in life. Our spiritual support groups are aimed at equipping the marginalized with tools to connect with oneself at a deeper level, via shared experiences. This service is offered to terminally ill, homeless individuals, as well as their families.

Spiritual assistance is also a part of our palliative and hospice care programs. From helping survivors find a purpose for their newfound life to assisting those in critical condition to peacefully pass away, this service is a crucial part of our work

Community support

The Sarah Carson House also works at a more fundamental level for systemic change. In addition to our palliative care for the homeless, we are continuously working towards providing an exhaustive community support resource for those lost in the system. As a grassroots organization, we seek to work towards change from the ground up. This sometimes may involve connecting people with other identical charitable organizations, based on our network of reliable assistance.

Other outreach initiatives such as nutritional sustenance and meal drives are also a major part of our community support work.

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