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The Sarah Carson house is a non profit organization focused on palliative care and community support to those alienated from the system. Helping the vulnerable with a two pronged approach, we roll out immediate outreach programs as well as provide individuals and their families with the resources to improve their position.

We encourage you to be a part of our work in equipping the needy with appropriate tools to get their life in order.


Our widespread services involve meal drives where we prepare hundreds of meals on a weekly basis, extend spiritual and grief support to individuals and families touched by cancer, and provide palliative and hospice services to the homeless. Primarily focused on those in dire need of help without anyone or any place to turn to, we aim to provide an honorable way to recover or pass.

You can become a contributor to our work through an endowment. Remember, your help can augment our functions and enable us to expand our reach within the community. Make online charity donations to the Sarah Carson House, today.


Heavily volunteer driven, The Sarah Carson House is always keen in providing volunteering opportunity to those seeking involvement in social work. We engage our volunteers in the following activities:

  • Supplying nutritional sustenance to the homeless.

Volunteers get to exercise empathy as they get involved in sustenance distribution. Direct interactions with the homeless inculcate compassion and a sense of shared responsibility to help those in need.

  • Improving the reach of other organizations.

We recognize and value the importance of working together with other charitable organizations for effective community resources. Therefore, in the spirit of making greater impact, we also direct our volunteers towards network development with similar organizations.

Looking for nonprofit organizations for community service? Join us at The Sarah Carson House today.

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