Grief Support


Comfort, Peace, Compassion

Grief is a natural response to the losses that we invariably encounter on our journey through life.

Nearing the end of life itself, our own or that of someone we love, we face a monumental loss that brings forth intense grief. Chronic or serious illness that may or may not be terminal also brings forth significant anxiety, sorrow, and grief.

Support at this time, through listening, understanding, companionship, and compassion, can help. Grief support can also offer education and guidance regarding the nature of grief and what it often encompasses. As part of end-of-life care, it can support the dying in healing relationships and saying goodbye to loved ones. After a death, it can offer a way through the difficult time of loss.

Grief Support Services is a part of Sarah Carson House. Grief support groups and special workshops are co-facilitated by mental health providers who specialize in grief and strive to provide comfort and support to any resident, family member or friend who requests it. Due to COVID restrictions, at this time all groups are remote via a Zoom platform. All groups are free. (Donations are much appreciated as they keep Grief Support Services sustainable).

We can also help with referrals to other grief support groups and individual grief counseling.

Anticipatory Grief Support Group

(for those who anticipate losing their loved ones)

Opens to new members on:

Wednesdays, from 6 PM to 7:30 PM from June 16 to July 21

(805) 637-6802 Please contact Cheryn for information and registration.

You can also register online using this link: SCH.COM

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