About Us

Sarah Carson – an exemplar of humanitarian endeavors

Sarah Carson moved to Humboldt county in the 1860’s, and lived in Eureka California until her death in 1904. In her obituary, those that knew her described her “...as a woman of good heart and ready spirit in charitable undertakings.”

The Sarah Carson House is a grass-root, not-for-profit, organization consisting of an exceptional board of directors with professional experience in schooling and helping. Inspired by the great work of Sarah Carson, we strive to bring change in the world, one individual at a time. In addition to offering palliative and hospice care to individuals at the margins, our organization also operates as an entity providing other kinds of community resources to augment our charitable work.

Compassion for humanity, especially the impoverished, is at the heart of every undertaking. As we embark on this journey to provide dignified care, we encourage your participation through regular volunteer opportunities.

Our Vision

We envision a healthier community where everyone has access to resources available within the broader society and the system.

Our Mission Statement

Through compassionate outreach, the Sarah Carson House honors the dignity of each individual, their family, and the community as a whole – especially those who are most in need.

Our community support services include a range of programs oriented towards achieving our non profit objectives. These primarily include:

  • comfort services to terminally ill, homeless patients
  • outreach programs such as weekly meal drives
  • forming an easily accessible community resource network
  • amplifying reach of other charitable organizations for improved impact

You can also be a part of our social pursuits. Donate or Volunteer today.

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